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Are you feeling chill and ready to relax or full of energy and ready for adventure? Find out your vibe while adding a stylish touch to your look with this Pura Vida mood ring. A simple silver band holds the delicate stone charm that changes colors based on your mood. The mood ring encourages the Pura Vida vibe, a philosophy to live life to the fullest. Pura Vida provides sustainable jobs to artisans worldwide who are dedicated to the "pura vida" way of life.

  • Pura Vida silver ring features mood charm.
  • Color meanings
    Blue: Feelin' fine & on cloud nine;

    Purple: Passionate & loving (aw, so sweet!);

    Green: Super chill & ready to relax;

    Amber: Next-level creative & totally dreamy;

    Red: Full of energy & stoked for an adventure;

    Black: Feelin' powerful & mysterious.