A Little Aquarius Bracelet

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"This special little bracelet is just to say, you're wise, imaginative and friendly in every way."


Let the stars lead the way with our stunning Star Sign A Little collection! Our Star Sign A Little 'Aquarius' Bracelet celebrates the unique characteristics of Aquarius girls with a lovely little poem. The silver-plated pendant sparkles with four Cubic Zirconia crystals, carefully arranged in the shape of the Aquarius Star Sign.


Katie Loxton is a brand that’s driven by providing affordable luxury products that are of the highest quality. Follow these top care tips to slow down tarnishing to our jewelry:


  • Clean using a dry and soft cloth.
  • Do not use silver cleaner or silver dip, & try to avoid overcleaning.
  • Stash jewelry away individually to keep chains tangle and scratch-free.
  • Plated jewelry will tarnish over time. Avoid it tarnishing faster than it should by keep it from coming into contact with materials such as detergents, bleaches, ammonia, chlorine, perfumes, body-creams and hairspray.