Beanie Boo Flippable Sequin 13" Payton the Penguin

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Payton, the penguin, is blue like the sea, she's covered in sequins that flip easily. Her Boo eyes, they sparkle, as she waddles and walks. She’ll listen intently whenever you talk. This adorable penguin would just like to say, she’s happy to meet you and wants to go play.


January 20


When I waddle down the street
I dazzle everyone I meet.

  • Let Payton waddle her way into your life today!
  • Our favorite penguin loves to dance
  • This penguin features color-changing reversible sequin fabric
  • With a quick swipe of your hand, change from glitz to glam!
  • Sparkling sequins captivate and delight
  • The perfect new pal for your Ty collection
  • Includes official Ty Heart with birthday and poem
  • Surface clean only
  • 13 in